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Terms of Service

These are the basic terms of my photographic services:

  1. I retain copyright to all photographs that I produce.
  2. I assign rights of use for photographs I produce to the client for editorial, informational and marketing purposes.
  3. Client agrees to destroy all copies of the photographs when the agreed upon period of use terminates.
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The End of the Season

(Note: I started this post several weeks ago. It was already late at that time. Since then I have procrastinated and dealt with a server-wide virus. The virus and resulting fix crashed my site. I am mostly up and running now, so here’s the latest update on things that happened a couple months ago.)

Well, my sports season is at an end. San Antonio lost in the first round of the NBA playoffs, Texas baseball and softball are out, the closest baseball Super Regional is at TCU – against Texas A&M, so both ‘local’ – and all other sports are finished, elsewhere or not likely.

All in all, Spring 2015 was a crazy sports season for me. I think I covered more NCAA championships this spring then I have in the past year or two combined: basketball in March, gymnastics in April, tennis and track & field in May. All of that on top of a greater than average number of regular sports assignments and a resurgent real estate photography market.

I had a good run this Spring – best that I can remember – and I think that bodes well for the coming Autumn season. Schools are starting to remember me and contact me directly. That is exciting and will be more so if it continues across other sports/seasons. So, here’s to looking forward. I hope I survive a summer without sports…







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Busy April

My March madness extended into April this year. Texas Relays, OU softball and baseball, and NCAA gymnastics – seems like I haven’t had a free weekend for a while now. Which I guess is a good thing, but it sure makes me tired.

The gymnastics was something new and fun. I was nervous going into it – I’ve only ever shot gymnastics once, a few years ago at a men’s tournament in Houston. This time around it was the women’s NCAA Championships in Ft. Worth. 12 teams and various individuals competed during prelims on Friday the 17th for spots in the finals – teams on Saturday and individuals on Sunday. Three teams hired me – one tracking me down on site shortly before their prelim appearance.

The teams took turns at 4 different apparatus (apparently the plural is the same as the singular – go figure) – beam, uneven bars, floor, and vault. I had never shot any of these and so I was not quite sure what to expect. As it turns out, shooting women’s gymnastics was much like the proverbial ‘fish in a barrel’ – at this stage, they are all so good that so long as you have the basic sports timing down you are going to get a good shot. Several good shots, in fact. I posted over 65 images for each team on the first day – my usual for any sport event is 15-30.

One team and 5 individuals advanced to the finals, so my expected one-day trip turned into a three-day weekend in Ft. Worth. Totally worth it – women’s gymnastics is now one of my favorite sports to shoot. And I have a long list of challenges for myself the next time I get the chance.

Here’s a link to a gallery on my Google+ account. Enjoy!





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March Madness 2015

Every year around this time, life gets a little bit crazy. For me, its not just the basketball – though that is a nice perk. Real estate picks up, SXSW comes to town, random jobs fall from the sky – things get crazy in a very good way.

But back to basketball. This year I had the pleasure of being able to follow the Northwestern State Lady Demons through their participation in the first round of the championships at Baylor. They drew the short straw and faced Baylor in their first game – an almost certain early exit – and they wanted to make sure they had every moment captured. They brought me up for practice on Thursday, let me into the locker room, and pulled me aside at random moments for a quick posed shot – including one in the final minutes of the game while they were sitting on the bench. And I must say – while they were definitely prepared to lose to an overwhelming Baylor team – and did so by 41 points – they certainly didn’t play like it. They kept the pressure up for the full 40 minutes and had they been able to shoot better than 24% the game would have been much closer. Still probably a loss.

One other note – Northwestern State is a repeat client and a great group of people to work with. I’ve covered their men’s basketball at the NCAA tournament in 2013, their  women’s volleyball at the NCAA tournament in 2014 and now this. I’m hoping this trend continues.






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3102 Appennini Way, Cedar Park, TX

Another video, this one a walkthrough. The house was surprisingly nice – they had remodeled and updated and done a very good job of it. I tried out a different slider for this one but was not as happy with the results as I was with the previous video – better quality slider on this, but I just didn’t capture the best quality clips.

More videos on the horizon – including some video introductions and community profiles. Hopefully, spring will be here soon so I can start working on the outdoor shots.

Merry Christmas to Me

Christmas started early for me and I am very excited about the possibilities it portends. So far I have received a 7′ octabank; a photogenic powerlight 600 with stand; a microsync wireless set for the light; and a sigma 24-70 f2.8. Hooray shiny new gear!

New gear always makes me want to go out and use it right away. Unfortunately, with the holiday season upon us the timing is a bit off. I don’t see a big push for portraits happening the week before Christmas. I do plan on brining the gear with me on our holiday trip to visit family. All the little cousins will make for great guinea pigs.

The lens I have already put to good use. I left Precision with it in my possession and headed straight for a real estate job. Having the ability to step across the street and zoom to the front elevation of a house – cropping the street, compressing the image, leveling the perspective – is truly essential for quality real estate photography. Also, I’ll be able to get those detail shots in custom homes. Shooting at 24 on a crop sensor worked for most listings, but it just can’t compare to the 50-70mm range from distance.

Last night, I used the lens to photograph the Texas men vs Lipscomb. Felt a bit strange shooting so wide – and the zoom ring is backwards for Nikon (not sure what Sigma was thinking) – but overall things are looking great. I need more experience with it in sports situations to really get a feel for how best to use it. I’ve been shooting with just the 80-200 for so long I’ve forgotten how to see through another lens.

So, new gear means exciting new possibilities on the horizon for me and my photography. But first, probably some more testing with my personal test-monkey.

Test Monkey

My photo assistant in training learning how to do the mid-air test shot.

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The Cover Shot

Today was my first cover photo assignment. USA Today Sports Weekly is running regional covers for their NCAA Basketball preview and Texas is a choice for this region. It was a very low budget shoot so nothing spectacular but still pretty fun for me. I don’t often get a chance to break out my lighting gear so any opportunity is welcome. For this shoot, I used two sb800’s with umbrellas. The d7000 command mode worked very nicely – for once. I learned that the sb strobes don’t put out nearly as much light as larger strobe heads so I’m expecting to do quite a bit of exposure compensation in photoshop. I did like several of the shots as far as pose and facial expression so I am hopeful for the final edits. I’m not going to post those here – don’t want to jump the gun on the issue coming out – but I do have a shot of my simple set up (I ended up moving over to the longhorn at mid-court for the actual shoot). I’ll post a link later to the image used if it runs and is available online.


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ODU at Rice FBC 9/20/14

This weekend was my first paid football gig of the season. I travelled to Rice in Houston for Old Dominion’s first football game as a C-USA team – and they got the current C-USA champs at home. Not the most favorable of conditions. ODU certainly rose to the occasion, however, winning 45-42 on a last second field goal. Overall, a great game with plenty of action and nice weather.

I find that my timing improves if I only have to focus on one team – as opposed to working for USA Today Sports, when I am covering the event. That little bit of extra stress feeling like I have to cover both sides of the ball makes all the difference. In all, I am very pleased with the images I made this weekend. I’m looking forward to more opportunities to do the same this season.




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Opening Weekend, Day 2

Day 2 of the first weekend of my sports season was a busy one. It started with soccer – Whitworth women at Southwestern. Despite the clouds and humidity it was a great day for soccer and soccer photography.

After soccer, I had time to run home for lunch before heading out to pick up my creds for the weekend at Texas an shoot some real estate. The it was on to San Marcos for more Wichita State volleyball – v North Texas. The game went to 5 sets – a bit longer than I had anticipated, but as with last night I feel pretty good with the pictures.

Tomorrow is football – BYU at Texas – and then more soccer on Sunday – Montana at Texas. A very good start to the sports season so far.

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And so it begins…

Remember when I said I am not a sports photographer? And then I said it again? Well, I won’t bother saying it anymore. Tonight I officially began my sports photography season with a volleyball match at Texas State – Wichita State v Baylor. The venue was a bit on the dark side, but with plenty of room to work and the help of some nice gear I think I made some good pictures. Tomorrow, I shoot soccer in the morning and more volleyball in the evening. Then on Saturday it’s football time. Add one more potential soccer match on Sunday and this opening weekend is looking pretty good.