Christmas started early for me and I am very excited about the possibilities it portends. So far I have received a 7′ octabank; a photogenic powerlight 600 with stand; a microsync wireless set for the light; and a sigma 24-70 f2.8. Hooray shiny new gear!

New gear always makes me want to go out and use it right away. Unfortunately, with the holiday season upon us the timing is a bit off. I don’t see a big push for portraits happening the week before Christmas. I do plan on brining the gear with me on our holiday trip to visit family. All the little cousins will make for great guinea pigs.

The lens I have already put to good use. I left Precision with it in my possession and headed straight for a real estate job. Having the ability to step across the street and zoom to the front elevation of a house – cropping the street, compressing the image, leveling the perspective – is truly essential for quality real estate photography. Also, I’ll beĀ able to get those detail shots in custom homes. Shooting at 24 on a crop sensor worked for most listings, but it just can’t compare to the 50-70mm range from distance.

Last night, I used the lens to photograph the Texas men vs Lipscomb. Felt a bit strange shooting so wide – and the zoom ring is backwards for Nikon (not sure what Sigma was thinking) – but overall things are looking great. I need more experience with it in sports situations to really get a feel for how best to use it. I’ve been shooting with just the 80-200 for so long I’ve forgotten how to see through another lens.

So, new gear means exciting new possibilities on the horizon for me and my photography. But first, probably some more testing with my personal test-monkey.

Test Monkey
My photo assistant in training learning how to do the mid-air test shot.

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