Today was my first cover photo assignment. USA Today Sports Weekly is running regional covers for their NCAA Basketball preview and Texas is a choice for this region. It was a very low budget shoot so nothing spectacular but still pretty fun for me. I don’t often get a chance to break out my lighting gear so any opportunity is welcome. For this shoot, I used two sb800’s with umbrellas. The d7000 command mode worked very nicely – for once. I learned that the sb strobes don’t put out nearly as much light as larger strobe heads so I’m expecting to do quite a bit of exposure compensation in photoshop. I did like several of the shots as far as pose and facial expression so I am hopeful for the final edits. I’m not going to post those here – don’t want to jump the gun on the issue coming out – but I do have a shot of my simple set up (I ended up moving over to the longhorn at mid-court for the actual shoot). I’ll post a link┬álater┬áto the image used if it runs and is available online.


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