(Note: I started this post several weeks ago. It was already late at that time. Since then I have procrastinated and dealt with a server-wide virus. The virus and resulting fix crashed my site. I am mostly up and running now, so here’s the latest update on things that happened a couple months ago.)

Well, my sports season is at an end. San Antonio lost in the first round of the NBA playoffs, Texas baseball and softball are out, the closest baseball Super Regional is at TCU – against Texas A&M, so both ‘local’ – and all other sports are finished, elsewhere or not likely.

All in all, Spring 2015 was a crazy sports season for me. I think I covered more NCAA championships this spring then I have in the past year or two combined: basketball in March, gymnastics in April, tennis and track & field in May. All of that on top of a greater than average number of regular sports assignments and a resurgent real estate photography market.

I had a good run this Spring – best that I can remember – and I think that bodes well for the coming Autumn season. Schools are starting to remember me and contact me directly. That is exciting and will be more so if it continues across other sports/seasons. So, here’s to looking forward. I hope I survive a summer without sports…







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