Day 2 of the PPFA Stand With Texas Women bus tour took us to Dallas and Fort Worth. We got into Dallas around 3AM, slept for a few hours then headed to city hall for a press conference.


After that we headed to Fort Worth to check in at the next hotel and rest for a couple hours. Then it was back on the bus for a rally in some parking lot near downtown Fort Worth. Odd venue, but still a heathy turnout.


I really liked the sneakers on the Texas flag. I did not like the setting sun in my face – until it was low and to the side and not directly in my face or lens. The crowd wasn’t quite as pumped as Houston – it was considerably hotter in Fort Worth and we were standing on asphalt, so I’m sure that sapped some energy. Still, local news is reporting around 1200 people showed up. And they ran out of orange t-shirts.

Okay, one more sneakers shot.


Tomorrow is still up in the air. Possibilities include El Paso, Austin, San Antonio, Brownsville and McAllen. I know which one I am hoping for…

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