One of the best – and worst – feelings as a freelance photographer is having to turn down a job because I am too busy. Time management is a lesson best learned early. I’ve been doing a pretty good job at it, but I still want to say ‘Yes!Yes!Yes!’ to any and all offers that come my way regardless of what kind of impossible schedule it creates for me.

Fortunately, I have not mastered the science of being in two places at once. And so I will be covering the NCAA Men’s Swim and Dive championships this weekend and not the Texas Relays. So far, I have 5 schools confirmed and one more interested. I’m hoping for a few more. Should be a fun, lucrative weekend.

This past weekend was the start of the NCAA Basketball Tournament for me. I covered the women’s First Round at Texas A&M. Reed Arena is a nice place to shoot and the Aggies are great as fans – always an exciting atmosphere even if the seats aren’t that full.

Before that, I covered rowing at the Texas Invitational and a couple baseball games. Rowing is an interesting sport to shoot. Its one of those picturesque events that inspire highly imaginative shots. Of course, it helps to have a sunny day – not a cloudy, windy, freeze-your-nose-off day. Still, lying on my stomach on the dock to get the water-level shot was something new and exciting.



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