My calendar this week was a crazy rainbow mosh of potential and booked jobs, most of which were conflicting sports events.

I agreed to shoot some D3 Women’s soccer in San Antonio on Friday – and possibly Saturday depending on the outcome of Friday’s game.

USPW asked me to shoot the USA Swimming AT&T Winter National Championships at UT on Thursday – Saturday. Which of course conflicts with the D3 soccer. I agreed with the understanding that I could only cover Thursday and possibly Saturday.

Then both Colgate and NC State asked me to shoot their matches in the first round of the NCAA Women’s Volleyball tournament at UT. 2 volleyball games > 1 swim meet so I let USPW know I would prefer to shoot volleyball. But since I had first agreed to shoot swimming, I gave USPW first choice. USPW agreed to try to find another shooter or ask whether the swimming client could live with only minimal coverage.

While waiting to hear back from USPW both volleyball matches fell through. Bummer. But that makes scheduling easier again.

I sent Jim Sigmon at Texas an email to thank him for passing my name along for volleyball coverage – and here is where the lesson comes in. I explained why I couldn’t cover volleyball and he responded by asking me to cover swimming for Texas.

So, I am covering two days of swimming for Texas, probably the same for USPW and 1 maybe 2 soccer games. What could have potentially collapsed from 3 full days of sports events to only 1 evening was saved by remembering to say ‘thank you’.


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