Sunrise over Austin

Today I made my first attempt at a 15-hour time lapse sequence of downtown Austin. I stationed myself at Lou Neff Point in Zilker Park at 5:45am. I shot the first frame at 6am. The plan was to continue through sunset to full dark – about 9pm – but too many clouds rolled in and I called… Continue reading Sunrise over Austin

Mueller Sunset time lapse

I just completed my first time lapse attempt. I’ve tested out the settings before, but never really tried capturing an interesting subject. Mueller has several nice views of downtown. This one is from the top of the parking garage at the Thinkery. I tried a sunset series to practice for an upcoming job – sunrise… Continue reading Mueller Sunset time lapse

San Diego Sunset

On family vacation in San Diego and I found an opportunity to get some nice sunset shots at the beach. It almost feels like cheating with subjects this easy.

Sunset Birds

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time traveling between various cities in Texas – Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, College Station – and I’ve always wanted to stop along the way to take some photos. Last night, on my way along I-10 between Austin and Houston, I finally had my chance. A few miles west of… Continue reading Sunset Birds