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Sunrise over Austin

Today I made my first attempt at a 15-hour time lapse sequence of downtown Austin. I stationed myself at Lou Neff Point in Zilker Park at 5:45am. I shot the first frame at 6am. The plan was to continue through sunset to full dark – about 9pm – but too many clouds rolled in and I called it off at 8:45am. Still, I captured a fantastic sunrise over downtown Austin and the Colorado River. I plan on trying again tomorrow. Here’s what I did today (click here for YouTube video) –

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Mueller Sunset time lapse

I just completed my first time lapse attempt. I’ve tested out the settings before, but never really tried capturing an interesting subject.

Mueller has several nice views of downtown. This one is from the top of the parking garage at the Thinkery. I tried a sunset series to practice for an upcoming job – sunrise to sunset at Lou Neff Point – 15 hours of time lapse for use in the Colorado River Alliance’s traveling display on river use in Central Texas.

This is not the best example of time lapse – but I am fairly happy with it as a first attempt. I need to handle the flicker, but I haven’t found the proper software for that yet. Probably need to invest in some heavier software.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

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San Diego Sunset

On family vacation in San Diego and I found an opportunity to get some nice sunset shots at the beach. It almost feels like cheating with subjects this easy.

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Burgess Falls – Tennessee

This weekend we are in Tennessee visiting family we used to be able to drive up 35 to see. It took us a while to get here but it was definitely worth the wait.

For our first day we headed out to Burgess Falls – a nice little state park featuring a good hike along a river with scenic views of a few falls – one ‘small’, one ‘large’. Easy enough for kids – all three cousins made it the 3/4 mile in on their own two feet – and full of photo-ops for the nature pic buff. Nature is not really my thing – mostly because I just don’t do it often enough.

This time caught me largely unprepared. I packed my Nikon D7000 and Sigma 10-24 3.5-5.6 for this trip. I don’t really have many options in lenses these days and the D7000 is the lighter of my 2 available bodies. For this hike, I borrowed a kit 18-55 3.5-5.6. Not my favorite, but it got the job done. Still, I would love to do it again with a nice 24-70 2.8 and 70-200 2.8.

The roads into the park were populated by farms and ranches – and it seemed like every other property had a great old, red barn just screaming to be photographed. Wish I’d had more time. Still, I’m fairly happy with what the park afforded. Barns for another day…





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Sunset Birds

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time traveling between various cities in Texas – Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, College Station – and I’ve always wanted to stop along the way to take some photos. Last night, on my way along I-10 between Austin and Houston, I finally had my chance.

A few miles west of Sealy, I noticed the full moon rising at the other end of the highway. It was one of those giant red moons you see and want to take pictures of but never have the camera with you. This time I had the camera, but I was in the middle of traffic going 75mph along the highway. Not the best place to stop for a photo op.

So I found a convenient gas station in Sealy and pulled over. The moon was hidden behind a nearby motel, but the sunset was in full view. And so was a large flock of birds that had come to rest on the wires running across the local sky. No good shots of the moon – I missed the moment on that one anyway – but I do like some of the bird pics.




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