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Real Estate photography and videography.

Terms of Service

These are the basic terms of my photographic services:

  1. I retain copyright to all photographs that I produce.
  2. I assign rights of use for photographs I produce to the client for editorial, informational and marketing purposes.
  3. Client agrees to destroy all copies of the photographs when the agreed upon period of use terminates.
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Interview Video

Part of the craziness of my March was taking on new business opportunities. One such was shooting an interview video for a real estate client – Lourdes Norton of Twin Realty Group.

The concept was an introduction video for herself and the services she offers – residential real estate in Austin focusing on relocations. My plan was to intersperse photo/video of Austin with her clips and overlay the audio. It turned out to be harder than I anticipated to get the photos/videos I wanted – largely due to weather – but I managed a finished product.


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9201 Silver Pine Cv

This past week I shot a lifestyle video for a real estate listing in Westlake. After consulting with the client I wrote up a basic story board and hired some local talent (thank you Kacey and Kareem). I’ve been wanting a slider for a while now and the fact that the two available locally for rent were not actually available on the day I needed them was a good excuse for some new equipment. It took about 5 hours with a few short follow ups to get the footage I needed. And the result is: a happy client and this video –

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Merry Christmas to Me

Christmas started early for me and I am very excited about the possibilities it portends. So far I have received a 7′ octabank; a photogenic powerlight 600 with stand; a microsync wireless set for the light; and a sigma 24-70 f2.8. Hooray shiny new gear!

New gear always makes me want to go out and use it right away. Unfortunately, with the holiday season upon us the timing is a bit off. I don’t see a big push for portraits happening the week before Christmas. I do plan on brining the gear with me on our holiday trip to visit family. All the little cousins will make for great guinea pigs.

The lens I have already put to good use. I left Precision with it in my possession and headed straight for a real estate job. Having the ability to step across the street and zoom to the front elevation of a house – cropping the street, compressing the image, leveling the perspective – is truly essential for quality real estate photography. Also, I’ll be able to get those detail shots in custom homes. Shooting at 24 on a crop sensor worked for most listings, but it just can’t compare to the 50-70mm range from distance.

Last night, I used the lens to photograph the Texas men vs Lipscomb. Felt a bit strange shooting so wide – and the zoom ring is backwards for Nikon (not sure what Sigma was thinking) – but overall things are looking great. I need more experience with it in sports situations to really get a feel for how best to use it. I’ve been shooting with just the 80-200 for so long I’ve forgotten how to see through another lens.

So, new gear means exciting new possibilities on the horizon for me and my photography. But first, probably some more testing with my personal test-monkey.

Test Monkey

My photo assistant in training learning how to do the mid-air test shot.

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The “Adult Area”

One of the agents I work with – Kimberly McLaughlin – – has been writing small features on interesting homes in the Steiner Ranch area for a while now. On some of the more unique properties she invites me out for a photo shoot. Last night was one of the best pools I have ever seen: ‘adult area’ with firepit, huge hot tub and tv; ‘kids area’ with full size pool, in-pool seating and waterfall; outdoor kitchen with grill, fridge and built-in cooler. Here is a sneak peek. I’ll post more when I get them edited.

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Belaggio – Steiner Ranch

Here’s a sneak preview of a property I shot last night. Hopefully I will have a video to show pretty soon. More photos are forthcoming, at the very least.

























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Video – 506 Black Wolf

Here’s my latest attempt at a real estate video. After taking the winter season off I’m trying to get myself back into the video work. Hopefully this leads to more.

506 Black Wolf Run

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New Photo Style

I’ve decided to try out a new style of shooting for Real Estate jobs. I’ve done this before at certain properties, but for the most part it made more sense to continue with my usual style. This new style requires more time on site and in post, but the images should look better overall. Better blending of interior/exterior exposures, more dramatic lighting, no harsh flash shadows or highlights, and generally better (more creative) composure.

Old style first, then new style. So far, I’m liking this.

living_2livingkitchen3_2 kitchen3 bfast_2 bfast


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Video – 6509 Soter Parkway

A week or two ago I photographed a listing for an agent over in the Regent Hills area off Southwest Parkway. These are some very nice homes and this particular listing lived up to my expectations. I had a great time shooting it and spoke to the agent afterwards about the possibility of returning for some video work. Last Thursday, we made it happen. Here is the result. Hope you enjoy!

6509 Soter Parkway video

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