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Mopac Bridge

Today, I did this:


Then I drove across the Mopac Bridge, hopefully filming the view of downtown Austin across the Colorado River. The raw footage is processing right now. We shall see…



Looks like I need better stabilization for my camera rig. Much better. If you care to watch, I am attaching the video. It’s about 20 secs long. I applied some YouTube stabilization on top of that in iMovie so the quality took a big hit.

Other than fixing the shake I need more control on the angle. I’ll probably end up having a driver while I control the camera.┬áPromising results, though.

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3102 Appennini Way, Cedar Park, TX

Another video, this one a walkthrough. The house was surprisingly nice – they had remodeled and updated and done a very good job of it. I tried out a different slider for this one but was not as happy with the results as I was with the previous video – better quality slider on this, but I just didn’t capture the best quality clips.

More videos on the horizon – including some video introductions and community profiles. Hopefully, spring will be here soon so I can start working on the outdoor shots.

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