Butter Half

A while back I donated a portrait session for a silent auction at my son’s Montessori school. It was purchased by the Nana of his best friend┬áthat┬áhe has known since he was a few months old. She requested the two of them in front of a mural in Austin – something that said ‘I Love… Continue reading Butter Half

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The Cover Shot

Today was my first cover photo assignment. USA Today Sports Weekly is running regional covers for their NCAA Basketball preview and Texas is a choice for this region. It was a very low budget shoot so nothing spectacular but still pretty fun for me. I don’t often get a chance to break out my lighting… Continue reading The Cover Shot

ODU at Rice FBC 9/20/14

This weekend was my first paid football gig of the season. I travelled to Rice in Houston for Old Dominion’s first football game as a C-USA team – and they got the current C-USA champs at home. Not the most favorable of conditions. ODU certainly rose to the occasion, however, winning 45-42 on a last… Continue reading ODU at Rice FBC 9/20/14

Opening Weekend, Day 2

Day 2 of the first weekend of my sports season was a busy one. It started with soccer – Whitworth women at Southwestern. Despite the clouds and humidity it was a great day for soccer and soccer photography. After soccer, I had time to run home for lunch before heading out to pick up my… Continue reading Opening Weekend, Day 2

And so it begins…

Remember when I said I am not a sports photographer? And then I said it again? Well, I won’t bother saying it anymore. Tonight I officially began my sports photography season with a volleyball match at Texas State – Wichita State v Baylor. The venue was a bit on the dark side, but with plenty… Continue reading And so it begins…

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