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Sunrise over Austin

Today I made my first attempt at a 15-hour time lapse sequence of downtown Austin. I stationed myself at Lou Neff Point in Zilker Park at 5:45am. I shot the first frame at 6am. The plan was to continue through sunset to full dark – about 9pm – but too many clouds rolled in and I called it off at 8:45am. Still, I captured a fantastic sunrise over downtown Austin and the Colorado River. I plan on trying again tomorrow. Here’s what I did today (click here for YouTube video) –

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Mueller Sunset time lapse

I just completed my first time lapse attempt. I’ve tested out the settings before, but never really tried capturing an interesting subject.

Mueller has several nice views of downtown. This one is from the top of the parking garage at the Thinkery. I tried a sunset series to practice for an upcoming job – sunrise to sunset at Lou Neff Point – 15 hours of time lapse for use in the Colorado River Alliance’s traveling display on river use in Central Texas.

This is not the best example of time lapse – but I am fairly happy with it as a first attempt. I need to handle the flicker, but I haven’t found the proper software for that yet. Probably need to invest in some heavier software.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

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The “Adult Area”

One of the agents I work with – Kimberly McLaughlin – – has been writing small features on interesting homes in the Steiner Ranch area for a while now. On some of the more unique properties she invites me out for a photo shoot. Last night was one of the best pools I have ever seen: ‘adult area’ with firepit, huge hot tub and tv; ‘kids area’ with full size pool, in-pool seating and waterfall; outdoor kitchen with grill, fridge and built-in cooler. Here is a sneak peek. I’ll post more when I get them edited.

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San Diego Sunset

On family vacation in San Diego and I found an opportunity to get some nice sunset shots at the beach. It almost feels like cheating with subjects this easy.

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