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I am not a Sports Photographer – pt 1

One of the things I have been adamant about in talks with colleagues and my wife is that I do not consider myself to be a ‘sports photographer’. I’ve worked with sports photographers – guys whose prime photography focus is shooting sports; who have the necessary gear, knowledge and experience; and whose lives are scheduled around sports seasons. I am not one of those guys.

Despite this, I am seemingly working hard at proving myself wrong. I am in the midst of another long sports weekend. It started on Thursday with Florida volleyball at UTSA.


Not the most well lit gymnasium, but some very good overhead vantage points from which to shoot. And the action was also very good. Florida is currently ranked #8. I get to see them in action again today and Sunday for game at Texas (#6).

Yesterday, I covered TWU volleyball and women’s soccer at St Edward’s. Soccer was great – I don’t get to shoot that often enough.



The action was a bit different after the MLS and international matches I worked this summer, but still enjoyable. Volleyball, on the other hand, was just plain difficult. The gymnasium at St Edward’s is lit like a high school gym and there are not many good places to stand to get the right angle on the action. I managed to get what I needed – I think having shot Florida the previous day was a good warm-up – but I don’t look forward to ever having to work there again.



If for no other reason, you have to love volleyball for the reaction shots.

So, one volleyball game today, one more tomorrow and one women’s soccer game after that. Four days, 7 games, 2 sports. My life kinda sounds like a sports photographer’s.






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Football Season Opener

I really enjoy college football. Mostly because I cover it and have done so every season for the past 5 or so years. What I don’t enjoy is that the start of the season always seems to coincide with both the hottest days of summer in Austin AND the heaviest pollen counts of late summer ragweed. Add to that an out of shape body due to a couple months of lethargy and it’s like a triple whammy heading into that first game. I always wake up the following day completely destroyed – and I can’t wait for the next game day to arrive.

I shot this past game for New Mexico State (vs Texas) as well as USA Today Sports Images. This season my goal is to work for more universities. I am spreading my net wide across Central Texas and including schools of all divisions. And not just football. Any sport played in any region I can reasonably cover is on my list. Hopefully this translates into some interesting work that I can share here.

For now, here are a few edits from last night’s game. Enjoy.

NCAA Football: New Mexico State at Texas

NCAA Football: New Mexico State at Texas


NCAA Football: New Mexico State at Texas

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