Gold Cup 2013 – The End

Mexico lost. That means the end of my Gold Cup 2013 stint. No trip to Chicago to see USA beat Mexico in the final. And the most disappointing part of it all is that the game between Mexico and Panama was terrible. Think of the most cliched stereotypes of hispanic soccer and that’s what happened… Continue reading Gold Cup 2013 – The End

CONCACAF Gold Cup 2013

I love soccer. One of my favorite things is to get the opportunity to shoot an international level soccer game. So of course when Getty Latin America needed a shooter to cover the match between Haiti and El Salvador in Houston I was in. Another thing I love is BBVA Compass Stadium. The home of… Continue reading CONCACAF Gold Cup 2013

PPFA Bus Tour – Finale

Yes, it’s been over a week since the Planned Parenthood Stand With Texas Women bus tour ended. Yes, the bill passed, and yes, this post is late. Sorry, I’ve been busy. But I’ll get to that in another post. After San Antonio on Day 3, we returned to Austin to stay the night. Friday afternoon,… Continue reading PPFA Bus Tour – Finale

PPFA Bus Tour – Day 3

Today was San Antonio. It was supposed to be a long drive to El Paso, but things change. With the very real possibility of a vote on the bill coming tomorrow, it was decided that we needed to be close to home. Which is where I am right now, so no complaints from me. There… Continue reading PPFA Bus Tour – Day 3

PPFA Bus Tour – Day 2

Day 2 of the PPFA Stand With Texas Women bus tour took us to Dallas and Fort Worth. We got into Dallas around 3AM, slept for a few hours then headed to city hall for a press conference.   After that we headed to Fort Worth to check in at the next hotel and rest… Continue reading PPFA Bus Tour – Day 2

Hard at work.

“Can you get this angle?” they ask me. (*EDIT: I removed a pic of me standing behind Cecile and Wendy on stage with a camera to my face because I couldn’t figure out the right attribution. I think it is a Houston Chronicle shot – thought it was Planned Parenthood at first. So just imagine… Continue reading Hard at work.

PPFA Bus Tour – Day 1

For the next several days I will be on the road with Planned Parenthood Action Fund on a Stand With Texas Women bus tour across Texas. Today we started in Austin at the Capitol building. The press event went pretty smoothly. It was interesting to see the pro-life group try to usurp the camera time… Continue reading PPFA Bus Tour – Day 1