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NCAA Volleyball Regionals

I spent my evening at the NCAA Volleyball tournament shooting for Wichita State and Florida. I enjoy volleyball – lots of good action and emotion. Lighting could be better, but I can’t really complain.


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So glad I keep ‘good’ archives of all my photo work. I just had a client ask to see samples of a sport that I rarely shoot – and that certainly I do not have online anywhere. I was able to locate a folder on an external hard drive – appropriately labeled bpm_sports – and have a gallery online in about 5 minutes. I am sure there are better ways to organize my archives and present my work, but for now thank you simple labeling, pack-rat mentality and Picasa (Google+).

Here’s the gallery in question, by the way.

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3-day sports-shoot-athon

I had a pretty busy weekend.

It started on Thursday evening with the US Swimming Winter National Championships. I shot for both Texas and USPW.

Day 1 Finals

I was back Friday morning to shoot the prelims for USPW.

Day 2 Prelims

Then I headed to San Antonio to cover Wheaton women’s soccer in the Div 3 semis.


I started Saturday at the swimming prelims for Texas and USPW.

Day 3 Prelims

Then I headed across the street to for a men’s basketball game for USPW.

Texas v UT Arlington

Finally, I headed back to the swim center for the Day 3 finals for Texas. Laura Sogar had a chance to set a record in the 200 yard breaststroke so she was my main focus. She missed by about a second.

Swimming: U.S. Winter National ChampionshipsSwimming: U.S. Winter National ChampionshipsSwimming: U.S. Winter National ChampionshipsSwimming: U.S. Winter National Championships

It felt good to get so much sports work – though a few days rest in between jobs might have been nice. Not that I am complaining. Keep it coming, Life.


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